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I just read a professional review of the 2 methods that stated in final conclusions:
“Perhaps no two methods of physical therapy treatment for low back pain are so contradictory in both theory and practice”

In my case I feel better with extension while I am flexion intolerant.
I am not into working through pain while any small sharp pain trigger a long term flare-up that will prevent me to keep my job.

Anyhow PTs are very much divided also.


  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 189

    A good brief of 2 methods 

    In many respects, the goals for treatment for both Williams and McKenzie were similar. They both attempted to teach their patients their versions of the reasons why back pain developed in the first place, and they both taught patients self-control techniques. 

    Williams was emphatic about his treatment goals. These goals maybe clarified by his "First commandment for low back and leg pain... Always sit, stand, walk and lie in a way that reduces thehollow in the low back to a minimum." His entire focus was toreduce the lumbar curve and flatten the spine. 

    McKenzie, on the other hand, leaned more towards the use of extension as a viable treatment tool. This was particularly evident in his early writings. For the McKenzie fans who are reading this and are beginning to steam, I am fully aware that McKenzie is far more than extension. It does appear, however, that most patients are helped by extension exercises, hence the connection with extension.

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