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Ive noticed others posting up what they felt might be the average brand associated with back pain comfort and mobility... Such as new balance, merrel, and clark etc.

I was going to try and look up new balance, but when I did, they have created so many variants and shoe editions its difficult to narrow down and find a retailer to try a specific model.
Does anyone have any good recommendations with NEW BALANCE models that I could give a shot and try with either at a store or online. I have been going numb in feet after past laminectomy and discectomy and looking for optimal comfort and mobility as my Nike Air Max are just not doing their thing anymore

Any reply's towards shoe help is greatly appreciated.


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    Thanks for the info, I have to spend my money wisely... maybe the charity care insurance I am on might let me see a foot doctor if in network. New balance seems to be a good start but I will have to get to a retailer to try some pairs on and describe it on here
  • Well not allowed to see many specialists unless special consideration ( Liars)... But anyways i have found that FOR ME i was able to get some stability with these shoes; New balance Zante v3 and brooks beast 16 < These one especially for walking around when i can, The outsole of that shoe is a good one for me for how sturdy it is.  After my surgery i have dealt with significan heel bruising feeling and numbness. I used to wear the nike air max line from 2015 up, but was not getting any foot comfort. 

    Even though i can only do so much before i start to tighten up in back and become severely hurt with pain, the change for new shoes has helped me 

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  • After my surgery (post L4-S1 fusion with rods - 2/2013 & hardware replacement  again in 4/2016), I still had sciatic pain in my left foot and on the bottoms & heels of both feet.  I still cannot walk for extended periods of time, or crippling pain will seep into my feet and calves. Then I'm off my feet entirely the following day.

    So, it all depends on what feels good.  I've purchased many different types of shoes, from athletic to ballet simple flats.  I've even added memory foam inserts to my shoes, and I have yet to find that number one shoe that "works."  

    I have found that wide, non-binding, slip-on shoes with memory foam, work pretty good - like Skechers. 

    Don't buy shoes online. If you can, try going to larger shoe stores and try on everything, even if it's ugly!. Tell them what your issue is, and see what they recommend.  New Balance tend to run wide, so you really need to try them on.  Wear the shoes around the store for however long you need or until the usual amount of time when your feet go numb.  Be sure to ask them about their refund policy.  Some stores are ok if you wear them around the house and as long as the soles aren't marked up, they will take the shoes back.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks sewingkitty1170

    I have just bought a pair of memory foam Skechers but only tried them out around the shops - think the assistant thought I was

    hatching a plan to do a runner in them, as I walked around so much in them lol!   A good tip to walk around a lot when trying


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