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Please anyone had a rash during Therapy

I sure could use some in-put so here goes last year during therapy I developed a rash in all the areas they did "Graston Tools" plus massage. They decided it was from the latex gloves at that time. I just started therapy again, have went three times and the last time broke out again with a rash with welts. The rash is in the area where she did "cupping" brutal therapy and some massage with coco cream no latex. It has been three days now and the rash is starting to go away but still burns and itches.
The therapist called and said it could be from the tools she used or the coco butter and even may be due to the cupping pulling the skin and tissue.
Has anyone ever experienced this while going to therapy or have any ideas of what might be going on. I want to and will continue the therapy but sure would like to figure this out.
Appreciate your help so much.
Thanks so much Sherri


  • Hi Aneita
    Hey how are you today I sure hope things are at least kind you know what I mean. I have just  been trying to get through this therapy and pray it helps. She is brutal I have never experienced a therapist like her and have never experienced the things she does but if it will help I will do whatever it takes. It is funny I was always told no pain stop but this is not her belief and my friends ice, heat, tens all and more being put to the test. 
    You should sometime look up those two therapy's when you are bored:) I just find them interesting what they will do. Granston tools and Cupping it is a test to keep from screaming while being done. She said my pelvis is tilted, 60% weakness on the left, swelling in the Si joint area plus some other fun stuff. But she is committed to helping me and I demanded a Certified, Experienced Therapist in Si joint plus some other. Last time I took the therapy there I got several therapist all had their ideas.
    I had that happen to me with the leads they use when you do a sleep study overnight. The areas where they put the leads and the tape were bright red and I had welts too. It is crazy I never had any of this stuff until I got older the joys of aging.
    I will have to look up and see if there is any info out there on experiences like I am having since I am forever amazed at all the things that can happen with the body.
    Take care of yourself
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