Returning to work as a nurse after ACDF surgery


I'm new to the forum but have been lurking over the past couple weeks.   I'm scheduled for ACDF C4-5, C5-6, C6-7 on July 25.   I'm a nurse in a hospital setting and am wondering what a realistic time frame for returning to work.    I know that everybody is different with recovery but just trying to get a ballpark figure.   The challenge with my job is that I will need to be close to 100% ready to work.    I cant take breaks if I need to rest; there are some days that I don't even have an opportunity to eat in my 12 hour shifts.  Especially if there is an emergency on my floor and we need all hands on deck.

Like I said, just looking for a rough estimate and advice.  

Thanks!   Julie  


  • I would guess 3 months or longer. Definitely explain your work situation to the surgeon, and they will be able to inform you on your safest time frame 

  • I'm an animal nurse and I was told 6-8weeks... I explained again what I do and they then said at least 3 mo. :( good luck on surgery day! 

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