Spinal Cord Stimulator


Has anyone else on here recently had a Spinal Corp Stimulator surgery implant ? If so I'd really love to know how your doing and if your having any problems.




  • I had one in 2011.  The wires migrated when I came home from the hospital and vomited for hours.  I knew something was wrong.  The doctor refused to believe me.  When I started having very weak legs and trouble walking, plus severe pain when it was on,.... the tech told the doc to look.  Sure enough the wires migrated and were zapping where they shouldn't have.   It was removed 45 days after placement.  My pain doc said he has never seen anyone get a scs with success.    Never again.

  • Hi Dawn, I had a stimulator placed in 2014, I have had 5 back surgeries now in a 3 yr period. When I use my stim it makes my legs hurt worse then before and I fell like my legs are going to give out, like they are rubber bands. Did the pain in legs improve upon removing the stim.


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