Possible C6 issues, how should I proceed?



  • Finally got an MRI, I haven't seen the complete results yet, but over the phone they confirmed herniated disc at C6 and C7. My cell phone was breaking up, I heard something about it not being the reason for all my symptoms and something about physical therapy. Since my doctor is not very good at all about being entirely forthcoming with results, my chiropractor offered to request the results for me.

  • @Jenniferinfl you can get a copy of the results yourself. I always do with any imagining. Go to the place where you had the test preformed, and they can give you the report. It's always good to get copies for you own records. Good luck!

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  • I will have to do that. I called back today for better clarification and she just said that I had a herniation but it wasn't the source of the pain I was experiencing. Talk about cryptic. Anyways, think I'll read the results myself.

  • So my results are this:

    At the C5-C6 level, there is slight posterior, broad-based, annular disc bulge. There is no stenosis.

    At the C6-C7 level, small posterior central, broad-based disc protrusion is noted with mild central canal stenosis. There is no foraminal narrowing.

    The cervical cord appears normal in morphology.

    So, this is probably going to sound like a stupid question, but why would my numbness only be on the left if I don't have foraminal narrowing? I haven't felt my index finger in almost a month now. It's not like it comes and goes, it's always numb. I was under the understanding that peripheral nerves recover but spinal cord does not. Basically, is my index finger just going to be numb forever now? The tingling in my arm and shoulder comes and goes with little rhyme or reason, but, that index finger is just very consistently numb.

  • Sometimes MRI's don't show everything that is going on.  When my cervical journey started I had mild to moderate bulge/herniation at 3 levels and was told that I shouldn't be having the numbness and pain I was.  I tried numerous sessions of PT and nerve blocks and finally saw a neurosurgeon who did the nerve conductive test and a myelogram which showed narrowing and trapped nerve at c4/c5.  In 2008, 4 years after I first had pain/numbness/tingling I had a laminectomy a 2 hour surgery that lasted 4 as it took him 2 hours to free up the nerve from all the scar tissue.  6 years later I had a 3 level fusion c4-c7. 

    I would recommend trying PT as it might help, they can do cervical traction which may help relieve your symptoms.

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  • I live in Fl, also.  Sometimes it is better to cut out the insurance and pay cash for the MRI.  In Gainesville, my Blue Cross gave Shands Hospital the authorization for my MRI.  I called for my copay, and they wanted $1000.  I called Gainesville HiField MRI and the quoted $500 with insurance and authorization.  The cash price wound up being $299.  Of course, now my neurosurgeon wants another MRI and doesn't want me to the same company so I will probably have to pay $1000 this time to satisfy him.  Good luck and call around for pricing.

  • @Jenniferinfl Honestly the numbness might not be attributed to your neck. I know that is probably not what you want to hear. Your symptoms match a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Research it! Numbness in your fingers is the number one symptom. Its from compression of your Medial Nerve. I hope this helps! It cant hurt to look at all the possibilities! 

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