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Low Back Pain - Chiropractor vs. Physical Therapy

Hello - 

I strained my back moving my daughter's trunk for summer camp. I saw my orthopedic doctor and he took some x-rays that didn't reveal anything.  He told me it was muscular and told me to go get some PT for 4 weeks and that if it didn't improve that after 4 weeks he would prescribe an MRI. I also saw a Chiropractor who said that my back wasn't strong enough for physical therapy yet and I should allow her to perform some ultrasound therapy and some other therapy to help heal my back for 2-3 weeks before I start physical therapy.  I feel like everyone is biased so I'm not sure who to believe.  Have others waited before starting PT to allow the muscles to heal?  





  • catapamcatapam AustriaPosts: 189

    X-ray will not reveal  disk problems.

    Muscle issues (with healthy disks) are not serious and do not need so much attention 

    Disk problems are serious and sometimes too aggressive PT will make the problem worse

    If you experience pain/stiffness increasing after PT then something was not appropriate for your condition 

    I am speaking from my experience 

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