A quarter of my young adult life has been stolen from me by back pain



  • @Heavenlyrae I know right! I have always sort of wondered why every single doctor seems to do the same tests like getting you to push their hand down with your foot etc, I get its showing them if theres any weakness etc but doesn't actually do anything in the way of showing cause of pain I wouldn't think. @Meydey Yeah I know, deep down I know that any additional surgery will probably make the pain so much worse but I think I sort of just see it as 'well its gonna happen one day anyway', which is absolutely the wrong attitude to have. in saying that the last couple months the pain keeps getting significantly worse, some days I am unable to move at all, definitely worse than its ever been, which is pushing me to think I need to get another MRI. I've been working with a pain management team for the last few weeks or so - seeing a physiotherapist, seeing a psychologist, and waiting for my appointment with a Musculoskeletal Medicine Specialist, it hasn't helped as of yet, but Im hopeful. In regards to medication, I'm already on all of those :( haha so fingers crossed the medicine specialist has some helpful ideas and changes!

  • @itsmedelaneyb hey just dropping in i saw the pain management nurses assistant and she is sending me back to my surgon and told me two things 1. i may need fusion surgery or a disctectomy 2. a spinal cord stimulator due to my family members having one and saying he had one and it dosent work and it hurts more and its somethinf i want to dicuss the the benefits of all options with my parents and my doctor she orderd xrays i had friday i find out the results tomorrow hen get a mri set up then to see my surgon it seems odd that the pain clinic calls me hours after i have the xrays im told they are faxing the resuts to the clinic and they will tell me tomorrow the result i sense a urgency ill know tomorrow ive been having a hard time since last night ad its disheartning i had a good two weeks then back to pain i just dont know anymore

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  • Hi there,

    I'm a kiwi from Hamilton, nice to see another fellow kiwi! I just had my first micro two weeks ago at 21 years old. I just wanted to let you know that I totally understand what you are going through. Being so young and having these problems is borderline terrifying. Will we endure this pain for the rest of our lives?? I was told I will need a fusion regardless of the micro surgery but like you, they think I'm too young, so it's just a waiting game until I'm dehibilitated by pain again. I think the only thing we can really do is make sure we have a good relationship with our health profiessionals/surgeon and trust that they have our best interests at heart. Good luck xx

  • @Heavenlyrae sorry! Delayed response! How did you get on? Are you doing ok? Any news? 

    @paigeamber heyyyy! Kiwiiii! ❤️ How's your recovery going? It's frustrating hey being so young and surgeons being so hesitant. In my opinion I would rather have 10+ good years while I'm young and then deal with the consequences later. 

    But good news is my surgeon has finally agreed a fusion is the right step for me. He had two disco blocks done, where they inject anaesthetic into problematic discs to see if it helps and it reduced my pain enough to warrant surgery, finally feel like I'm not crazy!

  • @itsmedelaneyb heya i have my mri and my xrays saw my surgon and was told i just have a bad back and also got  the radiologist review there is DDD and doc sent me to pt to see if it works and back to pain management so it is frustrating that i have to go back ad forth its so exuasting  to go from doc to doc with no solution with DDD im told theres nothing that can be done 

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  • @Heavenlyrae I’m so so sorry that’s awful, I know that feeling so well, it feels like you just start to move forward and constantly get knocked back. Don’t quit though, and be strong and persistent with every doctor you see, I went through that for so long and my surgeon has only just agreed to a fusion. You’ll get through it!

  • sorry for the vary late reply i saw my pain manaement nurse she orders a steroid pack worked for a few days now its back but im not letting it kill my spirits i dont think they will do surgery for awhile my 'NS said no but its just irratating that i have to live wwith it i guess i just need to accept it and bare with it but it seems im declineing not taking the long hot showers i love for quick ones so i can get off my feet and being a real couch potato laying on the couch for the past 3 days even sitting here hurts even with pillows pt wasnt helping im just down on my luck

  • @Heavenlyrae I know exactly how you feel, I have been there myself on and off for 5years,but don't give up fighting for what you think is right for your body! I didn't and I'm now 3 days post fusion and feeling pretty good :) don't let the medical professionals bully you into doing something you don't feel is what you need, I almost got scammed out by a govt dept for the surgery, they tried to decline me on something that was totally fabricated and if I didn't fight it I wouldn't have got it. Stay strong!

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  • hi @itsmedelaneyb how are you? i saw my pain management a couple weeks ago and had facet joint injections now i have spondylisis in my spine along with DDD so im at a loss

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