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1 Wk Posf-op: Worried I Moved Too Much

I had ACDF surgery done one week ago on C4-C6. I was cleared from the hospital in good time, with good x-rays (overnight stay and a full afternoon after). My surgeon is adamant about me wearing my hard neck collar and I honestly feel comforted by it, so abide by that rule well. I've only removed it to change the pads, my dressing and let me neck breathe a bit. Still, I am worried to the point of anxiety that I may be moving too much. I am not to bend, twist or lift. However, on night three, I woke up alarmed by a noise in the house and immediately turned my neck to the right. I caught myself quickly, but it was quite a jolt. It hurt there for the next day or so. I also have done a little raised arm motions, like to comb my hair, for example. I'm just frightened I am going to mess this up, and we all know the amount of prep, money, time and care that goes into these procedures. I'm looking for some reassurance. I see my surgeon on 6/11 for my first follow-up. I am feeling more and more active, albeit careful, and just worried.



  • I can only recount my experience when i hurt myself post op by moving, (my fusion is lumbar so a bit different). Surgeon says the hardware is very strong highly unlikely to cause damage this early, dont do it sgain.
    I was worried I'd popped a screw or something. The pain eased after a couple of days.

    If the pain persists or changes then best contact your doctor. 

    A couple of weeks post op i had a nightmare about someone breaking into our home. I woke myself up doing Tae Kwon Do kicking. Waited for the back and nerve pain to didnt. Scarier than the nightmare. .  Took it as a sign to back off the drugs.

    Take care
  • Hi

    I had ACDF c5 c6 a week ago. I have no collars, just a dressing. I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than a cup of tea... I've been in varying degrees of pain but am able to move quite well now. I'm not allowed to turn my head at all or raise or lower it. As the effects of the operation have worn off over the week I have become good at moving about the house, getting in and out of bed etc, but my increased mobility has meant I have become less mindful of my limitations. I have sat down too quickly on the bed, it has bounced and the jolt has hurt my neck. A similar thing has happened on the sofa, which is quite low and I have 'dropped' onto it instead of easing myself down. I have also started instinctively reaching for things. When there is no pain it is easy to forget. I have to remain moving carefully for another 5 weeks before my review.  

    I think, like your incident, we will continue to accidentally do things that may strain our necks a little and cause some discomfort, but we will continue to heal without any damage. As long as you are taking it easy and not overdoing lifting or stretching etc you will be fine. 

    Try not to worry too much and just take each day as it comes. I am finding one day can be very different from the next so on rough days I take each hour as it comes. I'm really pleased I have found this site. I think it will help a lot.

    Best wishes with your healing.

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  • I to am worried about the same things. As I get further out 12 days now, I find it's much harder to remember my limits. I go for my 2 week post op on Monday, and I'm hopeful that I'm not doing to much!

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