Two Level Fussion L4-S1 exercises

I am on week 10 post op and Dr never put me in Therapy, basically all I have been doing is walking daily.  Does anyone have a exercise or stretching routine I should be doing at this or when should it start.



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    You are not alone, I'm 9 weeks post-op from a T-11 thru lumbar, sacrum, and into pelvis fusion. Walking is only exercise allowed until my 3 month post-op follow-up. Being a very active and fit person this is very hard for me to adhere to but I am complying. I also have a 5 pound weight lifting restriction. 

    I have been working on leg stretches as my knees have become very stiff and my nerve pain in my legs and feet is much higher at the end of the day. As long as you are not doing any bending, lifting, twisting with your back you should be safe but always consult with your medical team before. 

    Also depending on your surgery and your surgeon you may not be prescribed physical therapy. You may be advised to do it on your own. 

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  • I had a S1-L4 fusion and my Dr didn't put me in therapy until after 3 months.  The bones have to get to a certain point in the fusion before the Dr will prescribe therapy.   At this point, walk but stick to your restrictions to no lifting, twisting and bending.   I am now 6 months post op and just starting to get back to "normal" life.   I still have pain but this type of surgery takes along time to recover.

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  • Hi there - 

    I'm not a physician but my experience was similar to the other people posting, we didn't even begin to discuss PT until 3 months post-op. And then it became stretching hip flexors and all the muscles of the legs. At 10 weeks, it would probably be the most safe to stay with walking, just increase your speed and distance as comfortable. At 3 months I would talk with your doctor about exercise and what they suggest. It's really easy to do exercises incorrectly and have no idea. 

  • I had a L1-S1 fusion and TLIF and was given the green light for PT at 6 weeks. The OK was given after an X-ray to determine that everything looked in order (hardware, beginning of fusion). Still no BLT, but I am someone who needs to move, so it was a relief to start the strengthening and stability work.

    I was sent home with a book from the surgeon that had some exercises:  ab crunches, transverse abdominal contractions, legs on a ball (55 cm) marching, and rolling. All of these on your back while contracting the core. Hamstring, pirformis stretches, gluet strengthening, etc.

    Check with your doctor to see if it's safe- it's best to have a PT to see if your'e performing the exercises correctly.

    Hope that helps.

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