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SPinal epidural for Sciatica

I started these shot in June of 2016. I had so much pain form my sciatica that it was impossible for me to walk. I have had both knees replaced and that mad e sciatic pain a real pain.

The shot last about 5-6 months and I just had my 3rd yesterday. However, sometime in the next  18 months, I may be having both a complete shoulder replacement and replacement of my knee, which was done in 1999. So I need my back in good working order. My doctor and I will be having an interesting chat tomorrow to see if shots plus some PT or surgery would be better for me down the line. The pain from sciatica is excruciating- I have a really high pain tolerance, but this brings me to tears. 



  • cnallen63ccnallen63 Middletown, Md.Posts: 1

    Hi, I have l3-4 rupture, l4-5 failed fusion, l5-S1 rupture.  No more surgery due to heart condition.  Age 53.  PRN 2mg Dilaudid 1 to two a day usually works but pain is HORRIBLE after walking or aqua exercising.  Does an epidural numb from the waist down?  I don't get why I'm getting facet blocks when I have so much pain and weakness in both legs.  Facet blocks on the 10th.  MRI  shows both sides have significant nerve compression.  Can't take it anymore and HATE THE DOPE!!  I'm divorced with grown kids and don't see a future without burdening my kids.

    Thanks guys n gals, Christine

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,989

    @Christine @olderthandirt

    The major purpose of any spinal epidural is to reduce the inflammation around the disc and dural sac.    That in turn may reduce your pain levels.  Unfortunately, this does not work for everyone.

    To block the pain, the Nerve block injections primary objective is take care of pain..

    Ron DiLauro Veritas-Health Forums Manager
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences 
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  • cnallen63ccnallen63 Middletown, Md.Posts: 1

    Aneita and Ron, thanks for getting back to me.  So, I'm thinking that my doc is making the right call.  I think he said if this works he will go in and fry the nerve endings which I could be excited about if it all works.  I think I am just pessimistic that any injections will work for me.  I have had many and none of them worked so I am questioning putting myself through these again.  But, I'm going to get a second opinion after this injection and might change PM doc's for a few reasons.  Also, it's been since before my second surgery in 2013 that I've tried them.

    I love walking and do it because overall it's healthy and when I don't do it I my ankles get puffy so I know my heart needs the exercise.  And the aqua exercises I do because I need to stay strong so even though the pain is horrible I rally on for overall health.  Although, there are times when I wonder if it's worth it between the pain and the sleeplessness.  Balancing so we can have quality of life is tough. 

    Aneita, you have a lot going on!  I don't know how you stay positive.  Best of luck to you!

    Injection on Monday.  I'll be in touch!


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