Problem with Dr, don't know what to think

Hello, it's my first post even though I have read the boards for a couple of month. I just wanted some advice really as I'm not sure if the Dr are just lazy or are in fact correct.

Background: I've had back problems in the past were I had Physio and everything was better after the excises, about weeks ago roughly, I started to have back pain and gradual increasing pain in my back, legs, feet, knees, arms, hands and the  back  of my neck which caused headaches occasionally, with this, I also have weakness in my legs, and arms/hands. difficulty walking or standing or holding for instance a cup of tea. I have had a MRI on my Lumbar Sacral, which found a minor bulged disc with no nerve impingement at L5/S1. And I went to the Dr regarding these results and they said it's great and what I need to do is excises from my time at Physio and may take a few months to subside.

What I would like to know if anyone has any experience, is this correct? was my MRI only done  on lower spine and they are basing their opinion on a incomplete picture? I have also recent had bloods taken but no results as yet, the Dr I've talked to about the results is different to the one who ordered a MRI and Bloods.

Just feel like she Lectured me on excising but wasn't listening or interested in further investigating my problem. Because if their is no impingement like the MRI says, how is it effecting my nerves?

Sorry for the long first post, just worried.

Thank you for any help or advice, I appreciate it a lot.

Cheers, Ben.



  • It started around 8-9 weeks ago, I'm not asking for a medical opinion, just if anyone has been through similar problems.


  • I have had the same and not been offered a scan yet so you are lucky. I have had 2 different diagnosis of bulging discs with nerve impingement and then an osteopath said it wasn't nerves it was ligament damage so I feel your pain and confusion. I have just been told my physio, osteopath and doc that it takes time and patience in the meantime I'm in too much pain to work. Just feel lost. Hope you get an answer soon xxx

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  • Thank you for your reply, partial results came back from my blood test and I'm low in B12 and Folate. Dr thinks I may have coeliac disease, currently getting injections of B12 before I can start taking Folate acid tablets, and yay more blood tests! Question is, if confirmed as the cause, with the nerve problems resolve if I go to a Gluten free diet? Or can I be permanent, I'm thinking I might have have had this a long time but undiagnosed, and only recently severe symptoms have caused blood tests to be completed, just more worried than before because I've been trying to have children but it's been hard getting her pregnant and when she has they have miscarried. And coeliac disease can affect different areas including fatility.

    Thanks, hope you get sorted soon bud.


  • Hi Paragon GB

    A couple of things, Firstly the MRI showing no impingement is a good thing as having impingement really is bad, believe me. You could be getting the nerve pain through swelling in the tissue near the nerve, hence your doctors orders re physio.  If it doesn't resolve itself in a few weeks I'd be going back and asking for a referral to a specialist.  Secondly Gluten can cause nerve pain symptoms. Please check out the sister site Arthritis Health as there are some excellent articles regarding the connection with gluten intolerance etc and sciatica and nerve pain. My wife suffers from this. 

    Hope this helps,


  • @ParagonGB First, I think your doctor prescribed the right treatment for your bulging disc at L5/S1. PT is usually the first step in treatment. Then if things don't improve, injections might be offered. 

    Second, if no arthritis or other disease was seen on your lumbar MRI, there really isn't indication to do more testing on other areas of your spine. That's if you havent have an accident or any injury. Hand weakness could be caused by something else entirely, such as carpel tunnel syndrome. 

    For the celiac disease diagnosis, a glueten free diet is definitely recommended. Cutting glueten out of your diet will help with multiple symptoms, including nerve pain. There have been studies done regarding celiac disease and infertility, and none have really linked the two issues. That is good news! Plus, your spouses/significant others miscarriages would have more to do with her body. 

    I would continue with Physio, and let your doctor know if your pain symptoms persist. Good luck and keep us updated on your condition! 

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