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Hi. I am very new to this site and new to serious back pain. First, I am probably considerably younger than every here, just waiting for December until I am 18. Yes I am obese, but since last October I've lost over 60 pounds and currently weigh 332. I found a couple weeks ago that I have two bulging discs, one at 8mm and another 16mm. I believe the ones effected are l3-l4 and l4-l5 with spinal stenosis as well. 

Now to get to my real simple, teenager woman question. Could wearing a bra be irritating my back even more than it already is? I'm gonna be a little sad if its true, but recommendations on what other kind of bra could replace it for the time being would be great. Thank you. :)



  • Hi Gabriellaluvun,

    I know you asked the ladies but as you haven't had any answers yet I will take a stab at answering your questions . The discs you have mentioned are right at the bottom of your back with only the L5S1 below them. I can't see your bra being an issue unless you are very large out front and it puts stress on your lower back . If you don't feel extra stress when wearing it I think you can be assured it is not causing any more harm. Well done with your weight loss. Taking the weight off will help your back tremendously.

    Hope this helps until a lady can answer your questions.


  • Hi gabrielaluvn

    I have lumbar issues and the only time I have not been able to wear my bra is after surgery, but that is more to do with trying to get it on lol!

    I think larger breasted ladies sometimes suffer from neck and upper back pain sometimes, but to my knowledge, lumbar issues does not mean you cannot wear a bra.  The only thing I would suggest is to get measure for your correct size of bra, as badly fitted bras can mean you are not supported correctly.

    You are doing the correct thing by losing weight so congratulations on that and good luck with your ongoing weight loss.  Your lumbar spine will be affected by excess weight, so do all you can to remove that risk if you can.

    Have you seen a spinal specialist and have they told you what treatment you need?

    There is lots of information on this site about every aspect of the the spine and coniditions/treatment etc.  There is also a search box at the top right hand corner that you can use, if you need further info that you can't find.  This search option will take you to old post and threads so could be useful.

    Please keep us posted on your on going progress with your healthy weight aim and your back issues.

    Take care and join in on any discussions that interest you, you will be welcomed by other members, we are a friendly bunch :-)


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    congratulations on the weight loss!! great job!

    keep us posted on your weight loss.

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