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Health insurance while on WC

I have worked for this company for 17 years.

Injured my low back in november 2016.

Had a bi-lateral microdisectomy in april 2017.

Still in pain and may need another surgery.

Anyway I worked light duty from november until april waiting for my surgery. Once I had my surgery I was off work for 19 weeks. I am now back at work on light duty. WC told my employer to put me back on light duty. When I came back to work my employer told me that they had payed my insurance while I was off and that I have to pay it back.  For the first 4 or 5 weeks they were taking my insurance out double. This sucked but I didn't complain too much. Then suddenly 2 weeks ago they decided to take out triple. This is killing me. Im paying for 3 insurances each week. 

 Why are they taking it so fast? Am I about to be fired? I have been a outstanding employee here for 17 years. 

This sux. Pain, depression and now I cant pay my bills. Im just ready for this to all be over with. Thanks guys.



  • I HIGHLY recommend you call a lawyer now!  I've dealt with WC as a patient and as an employer.  They ARE NOT on your side despite what they say.  They will continue to push the envelope until you push back.

    Most lawyers will offer a free first appointment.  I really think you should speak with one.

    Best of luck!


    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • Thanks for the comments guys. Im sorry that I didn't specify. I do have a lawyer and he said that the company can take back any insurance they paid for me while I was off, as fast as they want to take it. Im just wandering why they want it back so fast? 

     I went back to the neurosurgeon monday and my case manager was late. They were talking about me needing another surgery until my case worker showed up with A IME report. Then the doc does a 360 saying that he puts alot of faith and heart in what the WC doctor said. Said he is best friends with the WC doctors son whom is also a doctor.

    He referred me to a pain clinic, And to have a nerve combuntion test,  and to start work hardening physical therapy.  I guess im just screwed. 

     The Ime report said that I have a normal gait, this is BS. I do have a normal gait at turtle speed but at normal walking speed I cant let my left leg go out but half way to keep my hip, calf and ankle from hurting. My back feels like its breaking anytime I move. Even if the breaks in a car are slightly applied it feels like its breaking me in two. 

    IME also said that I had a back injury in 2008 that caused half the damage. I did have a back sprain that was fixed with tylenol and steriods. I had slight sciatica that was gone within 2 weeks. 

    Sorry for the rant. Feels like im spinning my wheels. 

              Thanks again

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  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 6,480

    I agree with DavidG, get another attorney.

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  • Ditto.  Sounds like collusion.  A WC patient will very rarely EVER get a favorable IME report.  It's 100% BS and honestly, I think doctor's should lose their licenses to practice medicine when they knowingly lie to get out of a claim.
    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • I work in the business office of a medical clinic trying to get claim statuses from health insurers. The worst ones are Work Comp cases as they sit on them FOREVER!! Most of the time they tell me that the claim is still under investigation after months and months of no payments from them. Many of them are as simple as a sprained ankle at work..and two years later the claim is still under investigation. We tend to get back on them HARD..because we either need a payment or a denial from them so we can sent it on to the patient's medical insurer, yet the last time I called an adjuster, he told me that the Statute of Limitations is THREE years.

    This is so unfair to people that get injured at work. It's not like you get injured on purpose.

    Hate to say this but most times it ends up in litigation. We do our best to keep on the Worker's Comp..but THREE YEARS before payments on medical bills start!??

    I would seriously find a good WC litigation attorney. From what I know, you will get the money spent on hiring one back if you win your case..and you should.

    Wishing you good luck!!

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