How to Use the Veritas Health Forum

Getting Started:

How to create a new username and password:

  1. 1. Click the "Register" button at the top right of this page 
  2. 2. Add your email address and create a username
  3. 3. Add the additional requested information and create a password
  4. 4. Enter the 5 digit code in the Captcha box to confirm that you're not a robot
  5. 5. Review the Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct, and Terms of Service
  6. 6. Check the boxes to confirm that you have read and agree to the forum Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct, and Terms of Service
  7. 7. Click the "Sign Up" button
  8. 8. Check your email for the confirmation and confirm
  9. 9. You're all set. Log in to the forum with the new username and password you created

Your first post will go to a moderator for review. Once approved by the moderator, future posts and discussions will automatically appear in the forum.

Here are some additional features in the forum.

Profile Fields
Member Name - Your forum username
Email Address - The email address that you have used to register for the Veritas Health Forum
Gender - Your gender
Name - Your name
Birthday - Your birthday (optional)

Edit My Profile
Edit Profile
Change Password - Change your password panel
Change My Picture - Change your member avatar (picture)
Notifications Preference - Change how you receive updates to comments, discussions, and messages
Edit My Thumbnail - Edit your thumbnail. It can be different from your avatar.
Quotes - Quote settings, identify the nested level of embedded quotes

My Stuff
My Drafts
My Discussions - View any posts that you have made
My Comments - View any comments that you have made
My Profile (account)
My Activity - List various action items you have taken (e.g. Change your avatar)
My Inbox

Notifications (User Settings)
When another member sends you a message you can receive a pop-up or email notification for discussions/comments category updates. You can update your notification settings here: Forum Notifications

Each member can set a bookmark for any forum discussion that can be used as a way to follow specific discussions
Can be set at the beginning of each thread by clicking on the bookmark icon
Can be viewed by clicking on the bookmark icon on your avatar icon menu

For all of your threads and posts, there is an icon bar that allows:

  • Highlight text
  • Italicize text
  • Strikethrough text
  • Create ordered or unordered lists
  • Use header formats
  • Add similes
  • Include URLs
  • Add images (using URL or file upload)