New Member Checklist

Welcome Veritas Health Forum members, we’re glad you’re here! Before you begin, it’s important to remember the following:

1. Sharing your personal medical information is not a requirement to participate in the Veritas Health Forum. If you choose to share specific medical information—in a post, discussion, through private message, or in your profile—you are voluntarily sharing personally identifiable information that is open for the entire community to view.

2. There are no health care professionals in this forum. Forum moderators and members are not permitted to provide medical advice, analysis, or interpretation of any diagnostic test. This includes medication recommendations, treatments, and/or exercises. See Code of Conduct

3. Only share your personal experience. Do not correct or invalidate the experience of others, and do not contradict the medical advice others have received from health care professionals.

With these tips in mind, you may voluntarily decide to share your personal medical information to gain knowledge from other member’s personal experiences. Providing the information below can help forum moderators and members better understand your unique health situation.

    • What is the nature of the health issue you are inquring about?

    • Was this health issue the result of an accident or trauma?

    • When did this health issue start?

    • Have you seen a medical professional regarding this health issue?

    • Are you currently seeing a doctor or specialist in regards to this issue?

    • Has your health issue been diagnosed by a medical professional?

    • How was this condition diagnosed? (ie: MRI, CT scan, x-ray, etc.)

    • What types of treatments have been prescribed to you by a medical professional? (ie: medication, surgery, physical therapy, injections, etc.)

    • Have these treatments provided you with relief?